(translated from Jaybee de Guzman’s Facebook post)

1) Keep a low profile presence especially regarding your supplies. When the victims are starving & desperate, you might get overwhelmed by a deluge of demand. Some survivors may do harmful things that they wouldn’t normally do in normal situations.

2) Make an “Info Wall” in a public area so people can post names and/or pictures of missing relatives and loved ones. Bring lots of paper, tape and pens. These could be your only means of communication. Some survivors write on paper plates, cardboards and/or any flat surface they can write on and have rescuers/media people take photos of their  proof of life messages intended for families and friends outside the affected areas.

3) At night, camp out in a secure and secluded area.Be sensitive to the survivors. If you’re hungry and don’t have enough food to share with others, practice discretion when & where to eat. Remember many survivors haven’t eaten anything for days now.

4) Cook your food in an inconspicuous way.Don’t forget to bring extra  can openers and lighters. Bring alco stove and a map.

5) Wear old and dirty clothes so you can blend in with the crowd. Don’t stick out and atrract attention to yourself.  Best to look like you’re one of the survivors. Get down from your vehicle from afar and dont walk in packs so as not to attract attention to yourselves.

6) Don’t make eye contact and try to walk among the crowds. Place all stuff in old used bags.

7) Pls be discreet in using your cell phones. Everyone needs to call someone.  To conserve cell phone batteries, set a specific day and time when you will talk on the phone. Be careful to secure your phone. Remember this is a very important tool to communicate to others.

8. You, as relief volunteers, need to expect challenging situations like no decent water supply and enough food. You also have to assign assembly points A,B and C with you teammates just in case anarchy breaks out. Identify a tall landmark as an assembly point.

9) Don’t Panic.

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