You have surely seen pictures of the devastation caused by this super typhoon.  How is Global Aid Network responding?

We are resourcing Dr. Editha “Ding” Miguel and Dr. Glo Fabrigas of Agape Rural Health Programme (ARP) in the Philippine Islands. Dr. Miguel, Executive Director of ARP, wrote to us saying that Inamok, Samar was 95% destroyed.  The village used to have a population of 3,000 people.  Only 5% of the homes remained.  56 people were dead or missing.  Dr. Ding and Dr. Glo were the first doctors to reach the village.  They were able to treat 241 patients, most of them suffering from infected wounds and respiratory tract infections.

Stories of bravery have emerged.  Triplets caught in the massive waves were saved by their father.  A woman called out to God to help her as she was carried by the waves, surrounded by mud and debris.  She survived by clinging to a piece of wood.

Dr. Glo, who has served with Campus Crusade for Christ Philippines for 25 years, started helping evacuate families on November 6th and continued serving the community around the clock for 8 days.  On November 7th, she told her son Hesedel over the phone, “Stay where you are and don’t go out even when you think the winds have stopped.” On November 8th, when the winds picked up and the rain poured, Dr. Glo called the Campus Crusade for Christ Philippines National Team Leader to mobilize for prayers.  She lost contact with her son, whose last text read, “It’s scary Ma.  Stay safe by God’s grace.”

The windows at Dr. Glo’s base, Operation Center, blew open and the roof started to disintegrate.  Around 1:00 pm, the injured and dead were being brought to Dr. Glo.  She asked a coworker to go check on her son, who was found alive at the top of the stairs surrounded by their few possessions.

As Dr. Glo recalls, “I started to walk while there was still light.  I was shaking as I saw the devastation with dead bodies along the roads.  Many were calling me, ‘Doctor, please help me.’”  She worked for 8 days straight until her body gave out.  She was hospitalized with pneumonia for 2 days.

As you pray, please remember these needs of Agape Rural Health Programme:

  1. Vehicle
  2. Health
  3. Construction materials to repair houses
  4. Solar lamps
  5. Christian counselors to conduct trauma debriefing
  6. Ministry among the vulnerable population – women, pregnant women, children, and elderly
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In the midst of this disaster God is using Christians to minister to hurting individuals.  Please, pray as we work alongside ARP to bring physical and spiritual help and hope to the people affected by Typhoon Haiyan.


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